Instructions for use of this storeFor existing Healthy Lawn Customers: You can purchase added services at any time. If you do not know your turf size email us at and we will reply with your size in square feet.For new customers: If you know your turf size you will need it to purchase any program or service. If you do not then click on the email link and we will measure and reply with your size then you can proceed.In all cases Healthy Lawn will verify turf size after purchase. Once purchase is made you will be scheduled. If you choose Pay as You Go you will still be able to Pre Pay before the season starts 3-15-2017“In all cases a Service Agreement will be sent to you to sign and return before we can begin applications”

Why Choose Us?

Healthy Lawn service has been treating lawns in Buffalo and surrounding areas since 1997. Our Buffalo Lawn Care techniques are tried and tested. All we ask is that you maintain proper mowing height and also if you water please use the correct watering guidelines which are available on our website. Click here to view videos

Weed FREE and Green-with 50% less Pesticides


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  About Healthy Lawn - Our Philosophy...

Healthy Lawn is a locally owned and operated company offering a full line of lawn care services. Offering the best possible service using only the finest products at prices that won't break the family bank. We are trained professionals dedicated to giving you the best possible lawn on your street.

The Healthy Lawn Warranty

Our goal is to make sure that you are totally satisfied with our lawn care and other services. We will continuously work with you until you are totally satisfied that we have done everything possible to solve your problems. With most of our programs we offer no charge service calls and free re sprays. You can be assured that we will strive to achieve 100% satisfaction. Our applicators will also be available to answer any and all questions regarding your lawn or landscape.


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